randy bolander
a m e r i c a n   s c u l p t o r
The Synapse Series is comprised of 28 interior wall mounted modular sculptures.

In 2006, triptychs of the Synapse Series, were juried into the Bellevue Sculpture Exhibition, as well as an exhibit at the Columbia City Gallery.

Each of the 28 sculptures are comprised of 2 pieces of steel. The 1/8" thick base plate is 16" wide x 6" tall. Each plate has a slight bend inset 6" from the right, projecting the plate 2" off the wall. Attached to the face of the base plate is a 10' length of 3/8" diameter solid steel rod. Using my proprietary resistance and leverage tools, I've formed the steel rod into a spontaneous shape.

Most of the pieces from this series have been sold, but the tryptich from the Bellevue Sculpture Exhibition, pictured above is available for purchase.

                synapse 111303                                                                                                                81"w x 15.5"h x 13.5"d
synapse 111303  is available for purchase - POR