sound peace
randy bolander
a m e r i c a n   s c u l p t o r
Early in 2009, I received a commission from the Dogeared Jewelry & Gift Company of Culver City, California.

The wall mounted sculpture, installed on the front entrance wall at Dogeared, was named by my patron and is titled: Sound Peace, it measures 72" x 72" x 5" and is fabricated from rusted flat plate and round steel bar.

Merlin and his wife Marcia Clarke own and run this very popular and highly successful company.
Dogeared recently agreed to become the sole licensee for "Sex and the City" jewelry. Their jewelry can be seen adorning celebrities walking the red carpets of the world and is covered in publications including Glamour, In Style, Cosmopolitan, Sports Illustrated and countless others.

Merlin asked me to create a special sculpture for his wife, a Peace Sign, that would be installed on the lobby wall entrance to their factory. The project was a secret that was miraculously kept from Marcia for almost 8 months...and that's a whole other story!

Dogeared Chief Engineer Benjamin Gomez and his crew set up the scaffolding and helped me with the installation on a very hot August afternoon. Their help was invaluable.

I recruited the very talented Inta Ievins to document the install. All the photos oon this page were taken by her.

Clearing the stair rail
photo: Inta Ievens
Sound Peace in progress
Insertion of mounting rods into corresponding  pre-drilled holes. Followed by application of epoxy/cement caulk.
photo: Inta Ievens
Directing installation crew
photo: Inta Ievens
Lifting sculpture over stair railing
photo: Inta Ievens
sound peace                   72"w x 72"h x 5"d             dogeared jewelry