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randy bolander
a m e r i c a n   s c u l p t o r
Sketch for Pretzel Floor Lamp
produced for the Holland Family -  2004
Gaudi's Barcelona
84"w x 62"w x 49"d
steel - POR
Assemblage - 1992
25"h x 65"h x 1.25"d
wood, acrylic, canvas
Bolander Collection - NFS
Untitled Steel Plate Sculpture
72"w x 26"d x 32"h
1/4 in. curved steel plate - POR
Eruption (diptych) - 1989
148"w x 14"h x 1.5"d
Canva, acrylic - POR
Sketch for a Ceremonial Fire Chalice
Red Movement - 1992
30"h x 48"h x 1.25"d
plaster, enamel paint, canvas board
Bolander Collection - NFS
Untitled Steel Plate Sculpture
after a light rain
Thomas Holland Chandelier
Holland Collection - commission
Modern Trellis
42"w x 74"h x 1/2"d
1/2" & 3/8" steel round bar
reproductions avail. for purchase $425 + shipping
Rectangular Spring
48"h x 62"w x 26"d
1/4" steel plate
Mitchell Collection
74"h x 18"w x 18"d
1/4" steel round bar, stainless cable
Cox Collection - commission
San Francisco, CA.
Madonna, Child and the 3 Wise Men USA - 2003
erotic mobile as seen in the 2003 Seattle Erotic Art Exhibition  - POR
Tree of Life - accepted sketch for ceremonial fire chalice
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church - Santa Monica, CA.
WSJA Art Fair Columns
98" x 32"w x 32"d
3/8" steel round bar and rolled steel sheet cone for flower arrangements
West Seattle Junction Assoc. Collection -commission
Night Song  - vessel section 1
Night Song - vessel section 2
Night Song - forming vessel from steel plate
Night Song - Bukowski's inspection of vessel section 3
Tree of Life - cermonial fire chalice
36"dia., 32"w x 32"d
spun copper bowl, copper leaf, 3/8" steel round bar
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church - Commission
It Just Is - diptych - 1991
48"w x 74" x 1.5"
arcylic, shapped canvas board 
Bolander Collection = NFS
Night Song - vessel sections drilled and seperated in 2 parts. Stainless round bar sculpture ready for insertion and enclosure.
Black Bamboo Cage
144"w x 96"w x 72"d
designed and fabricated to enclose a grove of Black Bamboo - Holland Collection  commission
"Simplicity" in progress - suspended from hoist in studio
Night Song - original
sketch  - final version altered with cone base.
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Cermonial Fire Chalice - in progress
Grinding formed ring section to prepare for welding