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randy bolander
a m e r i c a n   s c u l p t o r  
20 feet of steel 3
24"h x 22"w x 13"d
steel round bar, plate & hammerite paint - POR
20 feet of Steel 1
42"h x 37"w x 28"d
steel round bar, plate, hammerite paint
Pino Collection
20 feet of Steel 2
26"h x 21"w x 23"d
steel round bar, plate, hammerite paint - POR
28 Days
65"h x 43"w x 28"d
stainless plate, charred pine, steel needles, wood beads, latex paint, assorted spacers and hardware - POR 
photo: Bruce Savadow
28 Days
Close Up
photo: Bruce Savadow
28 Days
photo: Bruce Savadow
Charcoal War
31"h x 45"w x 33"d
chainsaw carved & torched alder,10 lb. axe, latex & enamel paint - POR
Afterlife 24
72"w x 24"w x 22"d
steel round bar, stainless cable, hammerite paint
Larriva Collection
Tolerance 234
38"h x 75"w x 22"d
rusted steel round bar, plate, clear acrylic, gold leaf
White Collection - commission
Tolerance 234
White Collection
Tolerance 234
Close Up
Synapse 10, 08, 02
15"h x 79"w x 11"d
steel round bar, plate, enamel paint
Nijo Collection
JoJo's Toy
6"h x 13"w x 5"d
stainless round bar
Larriva Collection
Sound Peace
72" x 72" x 5" - steel rod & plate
Dogeared Jewelry Collection - commission
Afterlife 13
83"h x 68"w x 43"d
stainless steel rod, square channel & plate - POR