randy bolander
a m e r i c a n   s c u l p t o r
Femergy is a commission I received for the lobby of the Women's Oncology Clinic at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA).

SCCA is allied with the Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center, the U. W. Medical Center and Children's Hospital.

SCCA has a very impressive art collection and I am honored to have received this commission.

I have great empathy for the ladies that go here to receive treatment for either breast or ovarian cancer. When they enter the Oncology Clinic with trepidation for what awaits them, they see  Femergy floating in the air.

I hope the power and beauty of the piece instills them with confidence in their doctors and the endless possibilities of a full recovery and a healthful life.


    femergy               22" h x 62w"h x 18" d                    SCCA Collection                     photo: bruce savadow
Close up - left
photo: Bruce Savadow
Close up - right
photo: Bruce Savadow
Femergy in studio
photo: Bruce Savadow