simplicity of tolerance
randy bolander
a m e r i c a n   s c u l p t o r
One day, while siting this sculpture at the Harbor Steps in downtown Seattle, I witnessed a Tibetan Buddhist Monk in his crimson and saffron robes, meditating in the space where this sculpture would eventually be seen (this is a true story, strange and fortuitous).
The experience, helped guide my creative process.

Created for the 2004 On The Edge Sculpture Invitational, "Simplicity" is a low profile sculpture, composed of spontaneously bent 1" solid steel rod, grouped in two interactive forms, mounted to an intersecting 12" wide steel beam. The vibrant colors were chosen to contrast and complement the grays and greens of it's setting at the Harbor Steps in downtown Seattle, across from the Seattle Art Museum.

Lee Musgrave, sculpture curator at the Maryhill Museum of Fine Art saw "Simplicity" and chose it to be included in the 10th annual Sculpture Invitational at  the Maryhill Museum, where it was on display through November 2005..

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simplicity of tolerance
144"w x 48"h x 60"d
steel, enamel & epoxy paint, wood base